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Sir Richard Branson Keeps Giving

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The Knowledge to Action foundation was first conceived in November 2010 when Greg and I were at The Ubuntu Education Fund’s spectacular gala dinner in New York. With The Dave Matthews band playing and hosted by Chris Rock’s wife, it was an incredible evening with close to 700 people in attendance. The star studded crowd pulled together in the spirit of giving and among them managed to raise over $2 million dollars for this worthy cause. We were both blown away by how much money the evening raised for the charity. That evening really showed us that when people work together big things can happen. This inspired us to ask ourselves, “What could we do to make a difference?”

Read the full story here.

Cheques Going the Way of the Dodo Bird

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Something I never really thought about before but since no one really writes cheques anymore and instead everyone used online payments and debit/credit cards, what will happen in the future for charities that have always depended on cheques?  Luckily there are program like ours that encourage people to use other methods of supporting charities.

The future of cheques remains in the balance with definite plans needed to restore the public’s faith in the payment option, it has been warned.

Despite plans to abolish cheques being shelved back in July, Age UK said it had received growing numbers of complaints from the public about retailers refusing to accept them.

The charity had staunchly opposed proposals that would have seen cheques become obsolete in 2018, with the Payments Council eventually agreeing that the payment method will remain for ‘as long as they are needed’.

However, despite the success of its lobbying, Age UK has admitted to having mounting concerns that cheques are still in jeopardy.

Because of its fears, Age UK has written to the UK’s major banks and building societies asking them to set out
the steps they are taking to ensure that cheques continue to be widely accepted and easily available.

Ready the full article here.

Large Majority of Taiwanese Donate to Charity

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Here is some feel-good news from across the globe, it seems some 80 percent of the people in Taiwan have made monetary donations to charity in the past year, with each person making an average of six donations totaling NT$3,716 (US$127.83), according to the results of a survey released recently.

Nearly 30 percent of the donors made donations in the last two months, according to the survey conducted by the United Way of Taiwan, a local charity group.

However, regular donations are the main source of income for the charity, which shows local residents’ long-term support for social welfare, according to the results.

About 35 percent of the donors said they are highly likely to make more donations in the coming year, said the charity’s secretary-general, Chou Wen-chen.

Those who said they had not donated cited either tight budget or concern over how their donations would be used, the survey results show. The survey, conducted Jan. 7-12, collected 600 valid samples.  They say a people can be measured by how they treat those less fortunate in their society and the Taiwanese seem to be doing very well!

USA Scores Well in Charitable Giving Survey

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How generous are you and your fellow country-persons?  Australia and New Zealand shared first place, and the United States tied for fifth, in a first-of-its kind survey ranking 153 nations on the willingness of their citizens to donate time and money to charity.

China ranked near the bottom, barely higher than last-place Madagascar.

The report, released Wednesday by the British-based Charities Aid Foundation, showed striking variations in charitable behavior around the world.

For example, it found that only 4 percent of Lithuanians gave money to charity, compared with 83 percent of people in Malta; 61 percent of people in Turkmenistan did volunteer work, compared with 2 percent of Cambodians.

The overall rankings were a composite of three categories — the percentage of people who donated money, donated time and helped a stranger in the month prior to being surveyed.  Europeans Denmark and Germany rank quite low, which was surprising for me.

Controversial Idea for Charity to Promote

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An American charity is offering to pay British drug or alcohol addicts 200 pounds to be sterilised – and has already had its first taker. But the idea has been attacked in the UK as exploiting the vulnerable at their lowest ebb.

Project Prevention, which runs a similar scheme in the U.S. offering adults $300 to use long term or permanent birth control, aims to reduce the number of babies born with drug or alcohol addictions as a result of their parents’ habits.

Barbara Harris, who set up the charity after adopting the children of an addict, is offering to pay addicts in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and Wales who are willing not to have children.

“I get very angry about the damage that drugs do to these children,” she told the BBC’s Inside Out programme. “I’m not forcing people to be sterilised. I offer them a choice of contraception but people want to focus on the extremes.”

“The social workers and their like have done their best for years and it’s not good enough. I’m offering something different, and paying addicts for being responsible.”

The project, funded by donations from the public, has already had its first British client, a 38-year-old heroin addict who had been involved in drugs since he was 12.

“It was something that I had been thinking about for a long time,” the man, named only as John, told the BBC. “I won’t be able to support a kid: I can just about manage to support myself.”

But British drug and alcohol charity Addaction, which estimates around 1.3 million children under 16 have a parent with a serious drug or drink problem, criticised the idea as exploitative.

“It is an approach to an addict when they’re at their lowest possible ebb. It doesn’t deal with addicts who are already parents, it doesn’t help people recover, and it doesn’t offer any kind of positive solution,” said Addaction chief executive Simon Antrobus.

“We are also concerned that the cash that is being offered will end up in the hands of dealers, helping to perpetuate a problem that is damaging families and communities up and down the UK.” While both sides certainly have good points I am sure it will be public support one-way or another that will decide if this continues.

Charity or Terrorists – Footage of Mavi Marmara Incident

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Video taken by IDF naval boat shows the passengers of the Mavi Marmara, one of the ships in the ‘Free Gaza’ Flotilla, violently attacking IDF soldiers who were trying to board the ship after having sent repeated requests for the boat to change course.

Large groups of passengers surrounded soldiers and beat them with metal poles and chairs, and threw one soldier over the side of the ship. Some passengers grabbed pistols from the IDF soldiers and opened fire. As a result of the attacks, seven IDF soldiers were injured, and nine of the passengers were killed.

The ‘Free Gaza’ Flotilla had publicly insisted on their non-violent intentions, however their violent attack on the IDF soldiers was clearly premeditated. They had knives, metal rods, firebombs and other items ready to use.

Clever Non-Smoking Ads

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These non-smoking ads are tops in my book, brilliant creativity!

cancer cures smoking

non smoking area graveyard

Clinton Charity has some Big Players

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Former President Bill Clinton’s charity drew an impressive international roster of donors last year, ranging from Norway and Oman to foreign lotteries, businessmen and celebrities, a contributor list released under an ethics promise by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton showed.

The Clintons agreed to annually disclose the names of donors to the foundation to address concerns about potential conflicts of interest between the former president’s fundraising abroad and his wife’s role in helping direct Obama administration foreign policy.

Here is a rundown of some of the more interesting contributors:

-Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, who has given at least $1 million.

-The Coca-Cola Co. and the Swedish Postcode Lottery, which each donated $1 million to $5 million since the foundation started.

-The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a labour union which gave $250,001 to $500,000 over the years.

-International online retailer Alibaba Group, which gave $100,001 to $250,000 in all.

-Professional golf’s PGA Tour Inc., which donated $50,001 to $100,000 overall.

-Celebrity businessman Donald Trump, who gave $50,001 to $100,000 overall.

-Automaker Nissan North America Inc. and the Metropolitan National Bank, which each has given $25,000 to $50,000 total.

I read the Bill Clinton biography, or I should say I listened to it and he is a very interesting and down-to-earth guy.  Go Bill!

Charity Challenges Across the Globe

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In the UK the reccesion has hit quite hard and it seems charities are feeling some of that pressure.  Donations made to the UK’s 170,000 charities have dropped by 11 percent to £9.9bn (£1.3bn in real-terms) according to UK Giving 2009, published today by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

In what is the most comprehensive research into UK charitable giving habits, the survey of 3,316 UK adults, carried out in June and October 2008 and February 2009 shows that the median amount donated per month was £10 per person in 2008/09, a decrease of £1 on the previous year.

Whilst the economic downturn has affected the total amount given there has only been a two per cent fall in the number of adults in the UK who donate to a charity each month, to 54 percent. This equates to 774,000 fewer people giving.

Medical research (20 percent), hospitals and hospices (15 percent) and children and young people (14 percent) are the most popular causes. Cash remains the most common method of giving with nearly half of donors (48%) giving cash and around a third of donors (31 percent) giving via direct debit.

Every year it is estimated that around £750m of Gift Aid goes unclaimed (2) on donations. UK Giving found that only four in ten donors Gift Aided their donations. Stuart Etherington, CEO, NCVO said: “Inevitably the recession is having an effect on charities, and on the levels of giving. But it would be wrong to predict the collapse of the sector because of the current climate.

“It is reassuring to know that the public are continuing to support the vital work that voluntary and community organisations do in local communities across the country. We would like to thank people for their on-going generosity.”

Commenting on the research, CAF Chief Executive John Low, added: “Even though there are welcome signs the recession is technically ending, the economic downturn is still severely impacting charities, many of whom have had to cut jobs while facing increased demand for their services.

Regardless of the challenges, UK residents are still donating a healthy amount to charities, keep up the good work!