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Cheques Going the Way of the Dodo Bird

Posted by admin on August 8th, 2011 in Category Charities, Charity News, World Charities (no responses)

Something I never really thought about before but since no one really writes cheques anymore and instead everyone used online payments and debit/credit cards, what will happen in the future for charities that have always depended on cheques?  Luckily there are program like ours that encourage people to use other methods of supporting charities.

The future of cheques remains in the balance with definite plans needed to restore the public’s faith in the payment option, it has been warned.

Despite plans to abolish cheques being shelved back in July, Age UK said it had received growing numbers of complaints from the public about retailers refusing to accept them.

The charity had staunchly opposed proposals that would have seen cheques become obsolete in 2018, with the Payments Council eventually agreeing that the payment method will remain for ‘as long as they are needed’.

However, despite the success of its lobbying, Age UK has admitted to having mounting concerns that cheques are still in jeopardy.

Because of its fears, Age UK has written to the UK’s major banks and building societies asking them to set out
the steps they are taking to ensure that cheques continue to be widely accepted and easily available.

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