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Fit-ing in: A review of the Honda Fit

Posted by admin on April 15th, 2014 in Category Car News (no responses)

The third generation of Honda’s subcompact, the Fit lives up to it’s name on tight streets and in places where precision matters.  Despite all the love for the first two iterations of the Fit, Honda saw room for improvement with the 2015 Honda Fit. The subcompact segment has evolved over the past few years, with newer competitors offering better fuel efficiency, more technology, and higher levels of refinement than the outgoing Honda Fit. To get back to the top of the class, the redesigned Fit must zero in on these areas without straying from Honda’s proven small-car formula.

Standard on the Fit EX and up is a new HondaLink touchscreen infotainment system. In recent years, we’ve criticized Honda and Acura interiors for their confusing array of buttons, but the new system swings to the other extreme with a nearly button-free interface that gives the dashboard a sleek, modern look. Still, we’ve frequently gone on record expressing our support of traditional buttons and knobs, and the Honda system’s finicky volume slider and lack of haptic feedback convince us that there is a happy medium between the two approaches.

Although the Honda Fit’s party piece has always been its interior packaging, the new Fit adds a bit more style to the equation. To accentuate the fresh exterior styling, the Fit will be available in eight colors, including several vibrant options. Reliable, economical, inexpensive, and cleverly designed, the Fit hits the mark in many ways.

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