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Charity Car Program Exceeds $91,000 USD in 2009 Donations

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Toronto, ON (CharityCar) March 5, 2010 — CharityCar ( and, green vehicle disposal ( and charity car donation company, today announced that its total donations processed for 2009 exceeds $91,000 USD. Over the course of the year, 50% of customers traded their vehicles in for cash while the other 50% donated the money to charity. This trend is expected to continue in 2010.

CharityCar would like to thank its many generous donors across North America who, despite the economic downturn, contributed to its success; more importantly, the success of its supported charities and the betterment of the environment.

David Gold from Standard Auto Wreckers ( and the founder of the program said: “We originally started this program to give back to our local community in Toronto, Ontario and when friends in the business heard about what we were doing they all wanted to join in. Now, three years later, we have over 150 partner charities and more than 70 member recyclers in both Canada and the USA participating! It really is heartwarming to see.”

About CharityCar
CharityCar ( and accepts the donation of old vehicles on behalf of charities and non-profit organizations across North America. CharityCar utilizes its partner Green Vehicle Disposal’s eco-friendly recycling technology, offers ‘free pickup’, does not take any fees for processing or handling charity vehicles and donates 100% of the recyclers value to the customers’ chosen charity in the United States or Canada. CharityCar’s purpose is to provide its customers with an eco-friendly solution for the disposal of old vehicles. All vehicles donated through CharityCar are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner which meets and exceed all recycling rules. For more information, visit: or

They are proud to practice environmentally sound processes when dismantling and recycling our vehicles. This is achieved by properly draining all hazardous fluids from the vehicle thereby not having them drain into the ground. They remove Mercury switches and other dangerous substances from the vehicles and dispose of them in a safe way in accordance with local laws.

Bad News from Kansas

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It is bad enough to be a thief but these crooks have stolen $2,000 worth of parts from cars intended for needy people and veterans.

“Car Santa” Terry Franz, founder of Cars 4 Christmas, assessed the damage Tuesday. Catalytic converters worth $100 each had been cut out from underneath 20 cars owned by the charity.

The parts were stolen while the donated cars waited to be assessed at A Auto, a tow company lot across the street from the Kansas City Police Department’s South Patrol station on Hickman Mills Drive.

Kansas City police said the robbery happened sometime between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.

“Somebody had to come in during the night in 20-degree weather, climb under the cars, take out a saw and cut out the catalytic converters,” Franz said.

The 15-year-old charity gives away about 300 cars annually, first on Christmas as part of Cars 4 Christmas, and then for veterans as part a newer program, Cars 4 Heroes.

A wheelchair lift had been scheduled to be installed in one van Wednesday, Franz said. Instead the van will be visiting a muffler shop, and the disabled woman for whom it was meant will have to wait. Franz estimated repairs will reach $3,000, including labor.  Crooks that steal from charities are especially pathetic, I hope these folks get caught and get a good whooping in jail!