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Crazy Scrap Yard Accident

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Hey!  My car!

Kim Kardashian Punched in the Face for a Good Cause

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Kim Kardashian would have never imagined getting beaten up for charity (and either would I) but this is what exactly happened when the reality TV star entered the ring for a little skirmish.

Kardashian, who got voluntarily into fisticuffs with a fan at the Commerce Casino in California, was punched in the face and had a black eye when the fight ended.

She had tweeted about her fears to fans before the fight, when she had confessed being “sooo scared”.

Her stepdad Bruce Jenner and brother Robert also received punches in the name of charity and shared the losers’ bench with Kardashian.

Robert even needed medical attention for a concussion.  I think celebs these days are absolutely crazy.