New York Charity Car Donations



An outsider might see New York as a busy city with folks running around like crazy without much extra time on their hands to worry about charity.  But that is far from the truth, New York has many generous citizens that donate to local charitable causes on a regular basis and in fact the tragedy of 9/11 has brought much of the city closer together.  Besides caring about charity, the residents of NY care about their own environment and the world at large, green programs always receive a welcome hand from the politicians of New York and those that live there.

If you want to help out those less fortunate including children, the elderly, battered women and those with mental and physical challenges then please consider donating your old car to a charitable cause, just fill out the donation form and the process will move forward in a quick and simple manner.  We do not take any fees for processing or handling your charity vehicle. 100% percent of the recycling value of your vehicle go directly to your chosen charity.

From a 'green' aspect your donation will help reduce carbon emissions and help save the environment.  We are proud to practice environmentally sound processes when dismantling and recycling our vehicles. This is achieved by properly draining all hazardous fluids from the vehicle thereby not having them drain into the ground. We remove Mercury switches and other dangerous substances from the vehicles and dispose of them in a safe way in accordance with New York state laws.

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