Minnesota Charity Car Donations



Many kind folks in the Minnesota area have made donations to local charities and if you have an old car sitting around gathering rust then you should contact us and have that old junker make a difference in someone's life.  Our charity program has helped 100's of people through out North America lead a better more productive life by help grass-root charities that help care for people, animals and the environment.  Besides the helpful donation, the local Minnesota charity will receive you can rest easy knowing your automobile will be recycled by a local eco-friendly auto recycler.  All harmful fluids are drained in accordance with local laws and the car is eventually sent to have its' remaining steel shell shredded for re-use.

The actual car donation process is very simple and our expertise is in provide a high quality customer service experience.  Firstly, click on a donation link that goes to our car donation forms (or phone us at 1-877-363-6354) and fill out all the required information, including your phone number, email and vehicle particulars.  Next we will contact you (usually within 24 hours) to arrange a pickup time and to confirm the status and location of the vehicle.  You will be required to transfer the vehicle registration by signing it over to your local network member in return for a receipt of pick-up for your vehicle.

Once the process is complete and your car has been picked up you will receive a charitable tax receipt from the charity you specified the donation be directed to.  As for your vehicle, we are Licensed North American Auto Recyclers and have been trained to dispose of the environmentally hazardous materials in vehicles.  Following treatment "high demand" vehicles are dismantled, and "highly requested" usable parts are sold/recycled. Alternatively some of our Recyclers have complete vehicles placed in their U-PULL-IT Yards for the public to remove their own parts. The de-polluted vehicle shells are then sent to the steel mills to have the metal recycled.

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